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Green tea – a world of flavors

Green tea is said to originate from China, but is today produced in a large number of countries. It is made from leaves of the Camellia Sinensis shrub. This shrub is used for most types of tea, but the difference lies in when the tea is picked and how the leaves are subsequently processed. This means that you get significantly different kinds of tea in both substance, colour and taste experience. The leaves for green tea do not undergo an oxidation process, such as black tea, and this means that with green tea you get close to the immediate taste of the tea leaves. There are many different types of green tea, and there can be a great difference in both taste and quality. Therefore, just try it out so you can find the tea that best suits you and your taste.

When we import tea, we demand that the tea is produced properly. EU requirements for imported tea, both organically and conventionally grown, are the strictest in the world, and therefore our focus is more on creating good conditions for producers, so that we can ensure the survival of the producers who produce quality tea. and in a responsible manner.

This you need to be aware of in relation to green tea

Green tea goes through fewer processes, which makes the tea more delicate and shortens the period when the it is fresh. It places greater demands on storage, as it does not tolerate heat or oxidation, and will thus lose some of the taste and the active substances. Therefore, it is important that it is stored cool, possibly. in refrigerator, in an airtight container. When buying green tea, it is important that you get expert guidance so that you can come home with a product of a good quality. Therefore, be sure to get guidance from your supplier so that you can get all the benefits that are of green tea.


Why is green tea healthy?

Green tea is the “unprocessed” leaf. That is, leaves that are not oxidized, and therefore more of the healthy and active substances are preserved in the tea. However, you should vary your tea intake so that you drink both green and black tea as the different types of teas have different health properties and to vary them will therefore be the healthiest choice.


How to ensure that you get green tea without pesticides?

From the EU’s side, there are strict requirements for the tea that is exported, and therefore you are largely guaranteed good products. You can always buy organic to avoid pesticides, but when it comes to tea, it is primarily the large industrialized producers who are eco-certified, and it therefore says nothing about the quality of the product and whether the tea is produced properly. If you have wishes and requirements for the tea you need to drink, you can ask your supplier so you are sure what kind of product you are bringing home.

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