Sheng Pu Erh Lunan 2021 100 gram

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The 2021 harvest pleasantly surprised us with an intense and persistent fragrance, and a very advanced ripeness, uncommon in a newly harvested tea. The typical complex notes of wood and underforest return gently in the aftertaste, enriched by spicy hints of nutmeg, and floral hues. The persistence of aromas is alive in the cup even after drinking the transparent liquor, and the unmistakable sweet aftertaste of a young pu’er emerges in the palate.

Harvest 2021 was very standart, and it gave us ripe fruits, perfect to be consumed immediately or to be stored for years to come. For this latter purpose, we decided to press our loose leaves by stone in 100 gr. cakes.

Plantation altitude: 1850 meters
Origin: Southwest Yunnan, Lunan Mountain
Flush: Spring 2021