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Since its inception in 2006, Sing Tehus has focused on high quality and responsibility when founder Mette Marie Kjær travelled to find tea producers who grow tea with care. When you visit the tea house at Værnedamsvej 4, 1619 Kbh, you can taste the selected teas and learn more about the teas and the tea producer, where Sing Tehus has a long-standing collaboration with the small producers. 

We endeavour to have an exquisite menu where you can taste seasonal teas and we always have fine cakes to complement the tea.

Opening hours
Monday - Friday
10.00 – 18.00

10.00 – 17.00

Værnedamsvej 4
1619 Copenhagen

Mette in the field

Mette Marie Kjær opened Sing Tehus on November 17, 2006. With a background as a visual artist, it was the artistic elements of Asian tea culture, including the Japanese tea ceremony, that first captivated her and showed the way to a vast and exciting world of tea.

Mette Marie often visits suppliers in Japan and China, as the friendly relationship and interest in the products is an important part of a good co-operation with the skilled tea producers. Sustainability is one of the most important focal points and topics discussed with the tea producer. Topics that have constant attention are:

  • Sustainable production (water consumption, fertilisers)
  • Fair price structure of the products (so the small tea producer can survive)
  • Transport
  • wrapping / packaging
  • Shelf life of products (minimise food waste)

We work to find the tea farmers who welcome nature into their tea fields. Insects, flowers, wild grasses, free-range ducks, chickens and even snakes create biodiversity, colour and life. The sterile practice of monoculture is parked in the past. The future is wilder, more chaotic and above all, more alive, and we look forward to sharing our world with you and working together to make it still worthwhile to produce tea responsibly.


Mette Marie came up with the idea of establishing a teahouse while studying the Polish-Jewish political thinker Hannah Arendt (b.1906-d.1975), where her thoughts on the cultivation of the mind and society were particularly relevant in relation to the framework offered by the teahouse as a defined space. 

The teahouse as a gathering place has for centuries been an important place in China, Japan and elsewhere. China and Japan, also for the cultivation of art and culture, as a meditative space and as a sanctuary for thoughts and ideas.

We hope and wish that Sing Tehus can be a place where you feel presence and inspire a greater awareness and gratitude for the gifts life gives.


We have many years of experience in customising a tea concept for restaurants and businesses where not only the demand for high quality is increasing, but we also take functionality into account. 

We know that tea needs to be part of daily routines where it won't be difficult to handle, so we have different solutions for that. 

We offer staff training and create a tea manual so that staff are always equipped to answer questions and provide good guidance to customers. We also visit the company and organise events if you're interested.

Write to if you want to become a business customer.

We look forward to hearing from you.