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About Sing Tea House, background and sustainability. Update on 15/2 2021. Sing Tehus store is temporarily closed. We expect to open a new store during the year once we have found a good room. In the meantime, you can buy your tea at our webshop. Sing Tehus has since its infancy in 2006, focused on sustainability and quality, when the founder Mette Marie Kjær, traveled to find tea producers who grow tea with care. Many of these tea producers have now been partners and suppliers for many years, and they ensure the high quality of the products sold in Sing Tehus. The many years of cooperation ensure that the small producers can maintain their business, that there is a future for the next generation and that the (often) old tea plantations are preserved. Sing Tehus delivers high quality tea in a wide range of different varieties and has its own import of tea from bla. Japan. Sing Tehus is a supplier to companies, restaurants and private individuals. Part of a tea supplier agreement with Sing Tehus is also training of the staff, which means additional competencies for the staff at eg restaurants that want to deliver quality. Contact: tel: 33116603 daily mlm at 10 – 15.
Mette Marie Kjær opened Sing Tehus 17. Nov. 2006. With a background as a visual artist, it was the artistic elements of Asian tea culture, including the Japanese tea ceremony, that first captured and showed the way to a large and exciting world of tea. Mette Marie often visits suppliers in Japan and China, as the friendly relationship and interest in the products is an important part of a good collaboration with the skilled tea producers. Sustainability is one of the most important focal points and topics being discussed with the tea producer. Topics that have constant attention are: sustainable production (water consumption, fertilizer) fair price structure of the products (so that the small tea producer can survive) transport wrapping / packaging shelf life of products (minimizes food waste) We work to find the tea farmers who welcome nature in their theme fields. Insects, flowers, wild grasses, free-range ducks, chickens and even snakes create biodiversity, colors and life. The sterile practice of monoculture is parked in the past. The future is wilder, more chaotic and, above all, more vibrant. We look forward to sharing our world with you and making an effort together so that it still pays to produce tea in a responsible way.
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