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Information on white tea
White tea can be defined in several ways, but a general definition for all white teas is that white tea is (almost) un-oxidized. For some white teas, the definition is that the tea is picked as a bud, giving the tea its very tender and mild character. For white tea, leaf buds or immature leaves are often used. Other types of white tea consist of buds and unripe leaves that have been lightly steamed or roasted before the tea is dried. Many white teas are dried or “wither” in the sun, which contributes with fine aromas and gives a soft and warm taste. White tea gets its name (just like any other tea) after the colour of the cup. The light colour of the tea in the cup can be delicate light, salmon colored or more golden white. White tea has also got its name because of the white hairs on the underside of the leaf that give the tea a very white look, especially when the white tea is a top shoot that has not unfolded. White tea is mainly produced in Fujian province in southeastern China. Several tea-producing countries such as eastern Nepal, Taiwan and southern Sri Lanka (Galle) have also started producing white tea. According to Chinese herbal medicine, it is beneficial to enjoy a cup of white tea in the morning as it is believed to be good for the airways and lungs, as well as provide warmth in the chest.

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