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Koucha Japanese black tea

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Koucha is a Japanese, oxidized tea. In Japan, primarily green tea is produced and it is therefore good news that we can now also enjoy oxidized tea from Japan. Koucha is an elegant tea with a clear golden colour. It has taste notes of enokis mushrooms and a sweet aftertaste of nuts.

Net weight: 40g

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Koucha is best brewed in a teapot, where the leaves flow freely in a sieve. Remove the kettle at when the water starts to boil so you do not boil the oxygen out of the water. Use 2 grams of tea per. cup, about 1 small teaspoon, and pour the water over when it has cooled slightly to approx. 85-90 degrees.

Let the tea steep for 3-4 minutes, and serve it when the desired strength is achieved. The tea leaves can be used 1-2 times with gradually extended brewing time.

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