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displays dried black Lapsang souch
Lapsang Souchong

59,00 DKK540,00 DKK

59,00 DKK540,00 DKK

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Lapsang Souchong

59,00 DKK540,00 DKK

Making black smoked tea is a delicate process – the art consists in creating a balance between the tea’s strength and the flavour of the added smoke.

Sing Tehus has chosen a Lapsang Souchong from Formosa as the balance here is good.

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The production process of Lapsang Souchong after picking begins with the tea leaves being withered over the pine fire and then roasted and rolled. After the fermentation process, a roasting and rolling process takes place and the final drying takes place in bamboo baskets over smoking pine wood where the tea thus absorbs smoke. Originally, Lapsang Souchong originates from the Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province. The word Souchong means subgroup – in the sense subgroup in relation to the other black teas from the area. The legend associated with this tea deals with the smoked touch that should have been invented by accident.

During the Qing dynasty, an army unit was staying at a tea factory, storing bunches of fresh tea leaves. Due to the army’s stay, the tea making process was delayed and the drying process had to be forced. The drying was therefore done over open pine fires and the tea thus reached the market in time and the smoked tea became sensationally popular. Lapsang Souchong gives a nice orange – reddish colour in the cup.

It is robust and powerful in taste and is often used as a blend. Can be drunk as morning or possibly. Into some milk, and suitable for spicy and salty foods.

Nepal Garden is best brewed in a preheated teapot.

  • Use 1 tsp. tea per cup.
  • Pour water at 95ºc over dry leaves
  • Brew for: 3 – 4 minutes.

The tea leaves give the best result by floating freely in a large sieve or teapot

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