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Matcha explorer sæt
Matcha explorer set 3 x 20 gram

480,00 DKK

480,00 DKK

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Matcha explorer set 3 x 20 gram

480,00 DKK

Matcha explorer set, is an exciting opportunity to experience 3 different types of matcha teas. The package contains the following:

20 grams Hoshinotsuyu

20 grams Yamenotsuyu

20 grams of Seihou


To get the intended experience of the tea, use Hoshinotsuyu (yellow sticker) and Yamenotsuyu (light blue sticker) for thin tea (usucha). This means that you use approx. 2 grams of matcha tea for approx. 1.5 l. of water.


Seihou (gold sticker) is intended for thick tea (koicha), where you use 6 grams of tea for 1 l. of water, this tea is therefore very thick in consistency and strong in taste. Koicha tea is referred to as the formal tea, and it is the tea you make at the end of a tea ceremony and on special / formal occasions. It is therefore not intended as an everyday tea, and the limited quantities produced by this tea also set a completely natural limit.

Our matcha tea supplier is located in Fukuoka prefecture, an area called Yame on the southernmost island called Kyushu. The company is today run by the 3rd generation and they receive great prizes and awards every year for their high quality teas.


Instruction sheets included.

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You will receive a matcha manual in your package.

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