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Breathing tea – fermented herbs


Breathing tea is a new type of herbal tea, where the herbs have gone through a fermentation process.

During the fermentation, a membrane is degraded which normally makes it difficult to absorb the active substances during brewing. Therefore, when the membrane is degraded, there is better “passage” for the active substances and the herbs are therefore up to 10 times as effective.

1 tea bag can be used 3 times (3 cups) or used for 1 litre tea. The tea tastes very mild and can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

10 teabags in a bag.


Fermented herbs act as probiotics in the intestine and thereby help to strengthen the immune system.

breathing tea consists of a combination of: Purple bellflower (60%) and oriental leaflet (40%)

Breathing tea is good for the respiratory tract, lungs and breathing.

IDO herbal tea is developed by Doc. Chou in South Korea. Fermentation of herbs is an ancient technique, but IDO are some of the few who work with this technique. Doc. Chou is known in South Korea for “Korean Therapy”, which is a treatment that involves 4 principles:

1: diet (nutritional and digestible diet)
2: Exercise (including breathing exercises)
3: Herbal Tea
4: meditation

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