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Sencha with matcha – 12 teabags
Sencha with matcha – 12 teabags

69,00 kr.

69,00 kr.

Sencha with matcha – 12 teabags

69,00 kr.

Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan. A good quality sencha has a rich green colour and an almost juicy green taste. Japanese sencha is an everyday luxury, as it leaves a relaxing effect and a complete taste.
Sencha with matcha is a delicious teabag, as you get the same fresh and juicy Sencha taste as when you enjoy a cup of Sencha Midori. In the teabags, a little matcha is added that emphasizes the green tea flavour and gives added intensity to the green colour.

This tea is from our producer Hoshino Seicha in Yame, Fukuoka, Japan.

Light, clear, fresh taste.

Ingredients: green tea
Net weight 12 x 2.5g


Sencha with matcha preparation

Sencha with matcha is great product to travel with so we can recommend brewing it in glass thermos flask. This tea can also be brewed in a preheated teapot.

  • Use 1 teabag for 200-400ml water
  • Add water at 80ºc
  • Brewing time: 1-2 minutes.
  • Remove teabag once desired strength is achieved

Store in a dry and cool area.

And or

“Cold brew”

Brewing sencha with matcha 12pcs in cold water. Use 1 tea leaf for 1 liter and let it steep for min. 30 minutes. Lightly press the tea leaves after 30 minutes, so that the fine color and aromas are released.
If it needs to be done quickly, you can use 2 tea leaves for 1 litre, and the tea is ready after 10 minutes.
The tea can also be steeped overnight without becoming bitter. Can keep freshness and the nice green color for 2 days in a jug with a lid.

Store in a dry and cool area.

Over a third of all tea produced in Japanese tea gardens is sencha. Making sencha is a finer job. The leaves for sencha are cooled to approx. five degrees after steaming and drying, which produces the round seaweed taste. Finally, the leaves are rolled four times. The first and second time with dry heat, the third and fourth time during cooling.
Light, clear, fresh taste.

Sencha should be brewed in a small teapot and served in a small cup.
Remove the kettle as soon as the water starts to boil. Use two to three grams per cup (20 cl.), and pour the water over when it has cooled slightly (80 – 85 degrees).
Let the tea steep for approx. two minutes. Serve the tea when the desired strength is achieved. The tea leaves can be reused two to three times with gradually extended steeping time.

Hoshino Seichean
Hoshino Seichaen is a family-run business founded in 1946 and run today by the Yamaguchi brothers, who have trained the next generation to take over in the near future over the past 10 years. Hoshino Seichaen is a well-known and highly recognized tea production company in Japan. They are often awarded in Japan for the high quality, and last year they received a gold medal for one of their gyokuro teas. This is quite an achievement in Japan, where there are many thousands of tea producers.

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