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Mette´s survival kit


Mette´s survival kit.
It is an interesting exercise to have to point to 3 teas, on an otherwise diverse tea shelf. I have chosen to point to 3 teas that I always come back to, which satisfy me in terms of taste and health and which are easy to prepare.
  • Organic Pai Mu Tan. White tea that is dried in the sun and therefore has a “warm” and soft taste. It is a wonderful morning tea, it is gentle and good for and digestion.
  • Organic China leaf oolong ( Shui Xian) . “Yancha” style oolong tea, which expresses a darker oolong tea at the slightly “heavy” end, with full-bodied and round “body”. It satisfies my craving for something sweet. I love looking at the leaves as they unfold and the scent is heavenly.
  • Matcha Yamabuki. We sell this matcha as “matcha for cooking”, but it is in fact such a nice quality that it can be used for many types of matcha. I mention a lot: matcha latte (like oat milk), matcha ice cream, matcha “feed your brain”, iced matcha and much more. Get recipes on the product page with matcha yamabuki. I have chosen this type of matcha for my survival kit even though it has more bitter substances than the matcha teas in cans produced to make thin and thick matcha. Matcha yamabuki covers the health needs and I can also make a classic matcha tea, although it is a bit more bitter.
Mette´s survival kit consists of the 3 teas and is sold together incl 15% discount.
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