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Leslies selection


With 9 years of experience as responsible for importing the tea to Sing Tea House and several hundred hours of tea tasting, Leslie has an extremely well-developed taste palette and extensive experience with tea.
Leslie’s tea choice has fallen on the following teas, based on his own words:
  • Organic Long Jing, large-leaved green tea from Hang Zhou in south-east China. Pure taste, hint of chestnut in the aftertaste.
  • Xue Rong, white tea from Yunnan Province. Fine floral taste.
  • Organic Golden Yunnan, flavor notes of malt.

“It is a difficult task to highlight 3 teas when, like me, you have a wide range that I enjoy on a daily basis. My interest and knowledge about tea comes from China, where I lived for 3 years before returning to Denmark, where I started working in Sing Tea House, where I learned about the other teas, including Japanese tea.

I have highlighted 3 Chinese teas I enjoy daily and which all have a refined taste with fine nuances in the aftertaste. Organic Golden Yunnan also tastes great as cold tea, and it must be brewed in cold water, where it should soak for approx. 6 hours, 1 tbsp to 1 liter “.

Hope you enjoy the teas.
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