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Organic Pu Erh ripe, in loose leaf


Pu Erh tea is a category in itself, as this tea has undergone a fermentation process.

It originates from southern China, more specifically Yunnan. The production of Pu Erh differs from the production of green and black tea, as the leaves are fermented with water over a period of 40 – 50 days. Finally, the fermentation is stopped by drying in 150 degree hot air.

With its characteristic taste of forest floor and reddish-brown color, Pu Erh tea is an exquisite experience. In China, Pu Erh tea is known to have many health-promoting properties and it is widely used in medical contexts.

Deep, characteristic taste of autumn and forest floor.

Ingredients: (* organic) * Pu Erh tea.


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Pu Erh can be prepared in the Gong Fu Cha style, which is a Chinese method where you use a very small teapot, but brew tea 6-30 times or more, depending on the quality of the tea.

Pu Erh can also be prepared in the western way, but it is always an advantage to let the leaves flow freely and not get them in a cloth bag or a small tea filter, as these prevent the leaves from giving off all the fine aromas and giving off substances.

use 1 tsp. tea pr. cup.

Pour a little boiling water, approx. 95 degrees on the tea leaves, to rinse for a few seconds and release the flavorings.

This water is thrown out.

Pour another round of boiling water on the leaves and let them soak for 4-5 minutes.

The finished tea is poured onto a preheated teapot.

Since the tea leaves give the best result by flowing freely, you can possibly. apply a spacious sieve in the preheated teapot, or pour over the tea on a preheated teapot.

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