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Organic Jade Oolong
Organic Jade Oolong

99,00 DKK879,00 DKK

99,00 DKK879,00 DKK

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Organic Jade Oolong

99,00 DKK879,00 DKK

This tea also carries the name ‘Dung Ti Jade Oolong’. The term Jade Oolong refers to the fact that this Oolong tea is a green oolong. The tea is lightly oxidised, resulting with a very soft yet complex taste and flower notes such as lily and orchid. The green-blue tea leaves are rolled into small balls which beautifully unfold during brewing.



Organic Jade Oolong Preparation

Jade Oolong can be brewed in several ways. If using a teapot (400ml) preheat it before adding tea and infusing.

  • Serve 1 tsp. of tea per pot.
  • Add water at 90-95ºC to the dry tea leaves
  • Brewing time: 2 – 4 minutes
  • Leaves can be used twice

Using a gaiwan (c. 100ml – 180ml)

  • Serve approx. 5g in the gaiwan (1 heaped tsp.)
  • Add water at 90-95ºC to the dry tea leaves
  • First brew for 20 seconds
  • The following brews and 10 seconds
  • Leaves can be used 4-5 times

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