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Organic Greek mountain tea

69,00 DKK

69,00 DKK

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Organic Greek mountain tea

69,00 DKK

Sideritis is the Greek name for this plant which is quite common in the Mediterranean region and the countries along the Adriatic, where it has been popular since ancient times. Greek mountain tea has a spicy and slightly sweet taste and can be enjoyed both cold and hot. Add a little honey and lemon if desired.

Ingredients: (* = organic) * Sideritis Syrica (Greek mountain tea) Weight: 15 grams


Greek mountain tea is brewed with approx. 7 cm of the flower plus some leaves and stem for 400-500cl water.

The tea is poured with hot water at 80-90°c and brews for 4-5 minutes, or longer if more powerful taste is desired.

The best brew is obtained if the herbs flow freely, as the fine aroma is hereby released.

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15 gram, 50 gram

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