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Organic China Leaf Oolong Shui Xian

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China Leaf Oolong is a dark oolong tea in “yancha style”.

Yancha means rock tea in Chinese, ie tea bushes that grow on cliffs These teas have a slightly sweetish round full-bodied taste with notes of dried fruit, tobacco and mineral aftertaste.

Oolong is a semi-oxidized tea, ie. a cross between a green and a black tea. In the processing, the leaves have briefly started an oxidation process, which has been interrupted by drying in order to preserve the green tea’s properties and bright color. The leaves oxidize in the sun, which evokes an immersive taste experience. The oolong teas are always whole leaves and originate largely from Taiwan and China.

Ingredients: (* = organic) oolong tea (semi-oxidized tea)


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China Leaf Oolong is best brewed in a preheated small teapot or directly in a glass, so that you can pour water on the leaves again and make more extracts.

Do not boil the oxygen out of the water, but take the kettle off the heat when the water boils. use 1 tsp. (2-3 grams) and pr. cup and pour the water over when it has cooled slightly (about 90 degrees).

Let the tea brew for 3-4 minutes at the first brew and gradually extend the brewing time at the subsequent brews.

The leaves can be used up to 4 times.


If you only brew one cup at a time, you can use a sieve or “fill-yourself” tea bag, where the leaves can flow freely and thereby give a fine taste. When using a sieve or “Fill-yourself” tea leaves can also be brewed on the leaves again.

With a small teapot you can brew 1-2 cups at a time, after which you add more hot water water when you are ready for the next cup. This uses the potential of the leaves, by brewing several times, and you get the experience of a fresh cup of tea.

Keep dry and cool.

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