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Organic matcha from Kagoshima



  • Origin : Kagoshima
  • taste notes: fresh zucchini with a hint of sweetness
  • Harvested : Spring 2019
  • Organically grown


When preparing matcha, the following equipment is used, of which the bamboo whisk (chasen) is the most important. When you have come to enjoy the taste of matcha, the preparation itself with the use of the finely crafted tools become part of the joy. Bamboo whisk – chasen, bamboo spoon – chasaku, matcha bowl – chawan

Step 1) Preheat the bowl with warm water and then wipe.

Step 2) Using the chasaku (2-3g), put two spoonfuls of matcha into the tea bowl.

Step 3) Add 100ml of 80 degrees (C) hot water in the bowl, then whisk vigorously in a zig-zig or M-shape motion for a little over thirty seconds It is important that you hold the bowl firmly so that it remains steady during the whipping.

At the end of the whisking process move the chasen slowly and lightly back and forth across the surface of the foam to pop any of the larger air bubbles and to create a smoother foam.

Servering suggestion, a little sweet cake or some dried fruit along with the tea. In Japan you will find an impressive range of sweets for matcha. These are often made from sweetened bean paste or sweetened rice. Keep dry and cool.

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