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Yame Shincha Premium 2019


There are shincha in many qualities and this Premium Shincha is of the very highest quality that our manufacturer in Yame, Japan can supply.

It is a highlight for tea drinkers who particularly appreciate the juicy green tea when Shincha arrives in May.

Fresh with a great softness and aftertaste that is only found in tea of this high quality.

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Shincha is available in many variants, but the production of quality shincha is a fine piece of work.


The leaves are steamed and dried over several steps, producing the sweet round tang. Finally, the leaves are hand-sorted, where twigs and rough leaves are removed.


What characterizes a fine quality seed is a dark green fine leaf.




Yame Shincha Premium is brewed in a small preheated teapot, preferably made of glass, so you can see the beautiful colour.


Use 1 tsp. too high top cup.

Pour the water at 70 – 75 ºc over the leaves for the finest flavour, with the leaves floating freely in a spacious sieve or  in a small teapot. After approximately 1 min, you can start to see the “umami cloud” in the teen. It is the amino acid that gives sweetness and umami, which also produces the “cloud” of delicate and natural flavours in the tea.

Standing time:

  • 1st brew: 1 min and 30 sec.
  • 2nd brew: approx. 5-10 sec.
  • 3rd brew: 45 sec.

The leaves can be used 3 times.

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