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Sencha “Tsuyuhikari” 2021

150,00 DKK

150,00 DKK

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Sencha “Tsuyuhikari” 2021

150,00 DKK

“Tsuyuhikari” (Light dew) is a pure green tea from Yame, Kyushu, Japan.

The leaves are from a hybrid consisting of two cultivars: Asatsuyu and Shizu7132.

Asatsuyu is resistant to cold and frost, which allows winter cultivation and Shizu7132 is known for its light aroma and taste of cherries. This hybrid cultivar provides a high quality harvest with light, fresh, sweet and floral flavors. It’s an autumn with an exceptionally nice and clear taste.

Fresh and green in color. Soft and stimulating.
The bag contains 60 grams.
Ingredients: Japanese green tea.

In stock

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Sencha is best brewed in a preheated small teapot (possibly kyusu). Use 1 tsp. te pr. cup and pour the water over when it has cooled slightly (70 gr). Let the tea steep for 1 minute the 1st time. Pour all the water from in another jug ​​to mix the tea, and from there in small cups. The tea leaves can be recycled 2-3 times. At the 2nd brew, the tea lasts only 1 sec, as the leaves are already wet.

The leaves can be used 2-3 times.

If you only brew one cup / glass at a time, you can use a copy or “fill-yourself” tea leaves, where the leaves can flow freely and thereby give off the fine aroma. When using kopsi el. “Fill-yourself” tea leaves can also be brewed on the leaves again.

By small jug is meant any. Japanese Tokoname teapot with inner strainer. The advantage of the small jug is that you brew 1-2 cups at a time, after which you add more temperate water when you are ready for the next cup. This exploits the potential of the leaves, by brewing several times, and you get the experience of a fresh cup of tea.

Keep dry and cool.

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