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Mizudashi Sencha with matcha, for “cold brew” ice tea


Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan. Perhaps it is so popular because of its pure fresh taste which can be enjoyed hot but can also be prepared as iced tea. Cold sencha is fresh and mouth-watering and is an excellent alternative to other cold drinks on a hot summer day.

Light, clear, fresh taste.


Ingredients: green tea.

Net weight: 18 x 5 grams.



Mizudashi is a green tea that is delicious as a cold brew. Add 1 teabag to 1 litre of cold water and let it brew for 30 minutes. Press the tea lightly after 30 minutes to release the fine colour and aromas.

If you would like the full flavour to arrive faster you can use 2 teabags for 1 litre, the tea will be ready after 8-10 minutes.

The tea can also brew overnight without getting bitter. Can keep freshness and beautiful green colour for 2 days in jug with lid.

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