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Haru Honoka


Haru Honoka, can be translated as a ‘touch of spring’ is a delicate Japanese green tea. Haru Honoka is a combination of tencha, which is the green tea leaf you use for matcha as well as the high-quality tea leaf tea of Gyokuro.

Haru – Honoka exudes freshness and the taste of spring with an intense green colour.

The bag contains 80 grams.

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Haru Honoka is best brewed in a small preheated teapot. Once the brew is finished pour the tea into a small preheated jug or so that the tea does not brew too long.

  • Use 4-5g of tea per 200-220ml of water.
  • Add water at 75-80ºc over dry leaves
  • 1st brew: 90 seconds
  • 2nd brew: 5-10 seconds
  • 3rd brew: 30 seconds


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