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Gyokuro “Mare” 50 g. Award-winning tea.


Yame, Fukuoka prefecture, is one of the best areas for gyokuro production in Japan.

This high quality, produced by Hoshino Seichaen, won the Nihoncha platinum award in 2016, which is one of the best recognitions a tea producer can achieve.

Dentou Hon Gyokuro – translated into traditional authentic gyokuro – shaded with honzu (bamboo mats) hand-picked and lovingly processed.

This tea is produced in small quantities, once a year. The colour is deep green and the taste is deep umami.

The bag contains 50 grams. Store in a cool place, preferably fridge.

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Gyokuro is brewed in a small teapot and enjoyed in small cups. Gyokuro should preferably be brewed in soft water.

Use 5-8 grams of tea for 50-100 ml of water.

Water temperature: 50-60 degrees.

1st brew: 2 minutes

2nd brew 30-45 sekunder

srd brew: ca. 2 mins

The leaves can be eaten after tea has finished brewing. You can flavour the leaves with a few drops of soya-sauce or a sprinkle of salt

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