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Gyokuro “classic”


Gyokuro means “pearl dew” and is among the finest of the Japanese teas.

Producing the tea leaves of Gyokuro is a very demanding process that requires great knowledge. The shrubs are covered with bamboo mats 20 days before they are to be harvested and thereby develop a deep green leaf with a relatively high caffeine content and a very special flavour.

The producer of this tea is Hoshino Seicha in Yame, Fukuoka, Japan.


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Gyokuro is brewed in a small preheated teapot and enjoyed in small teacups. Gyokuro should preferably be brewed in high quality lime-free or filtered water. A jug with built-in lime filter may be enough to provide softer water.


  • Use 8-10 grams of tea to 200-220 ml of water.
  • Water temperature: 55-60ºc
  • First brew: 90 seconds.
  • Second brew: 5-10 seconds.
  • Third brew: approx. 90 seconds.
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