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Organic Long Jing

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Long Jing Tea meaning “Dragon’s Well” is a world-famous tea originating from the Chinese province, Zhejiang which is renowned for producing some of the best green tea in China. This tea has a fresh aroma and a beautiful clear green-yellow colour in the cup. The taste is fresh and clean with a hint of chestnut and hazelnut. Can be enjoyed during the day and as evening tea.


Ingredients: (* organic) * green tea.




Long Jing is brewed in a small preheated teapot

  • Serve 1 tsp. of tea per cup.
  • Add water at 80ºC to the dry tea leaves
  • Brewing time: 3 – 4 minutes



Long Jing originates from the Chinese province of Zehjiang which is considered the original and best tea district in China. It has been popular for more than a 1000 years since emperor Qianlong declared it the official tea of the imperial court.




As with other famous teas, there are legends attached to its existence. About Long Jing it is has told that a monk was witness to a dragon that lived in a well near the town of Hangzhou in which there was a terrible drought. The monk prayed to the dragon that he might save the people from thirst. His wish was granted, clouds gathered, the rain poured and the well was filled by the dragon dancing in it.


The leaves for this tea are harvested for a limited period between March to April by experienced pickers choosing the youngest shoots for their sweet flavour. The once pickers bring their load the leaves are roasted in a hot pan within a few hours in order to prevent oxidisation. It requires great craftsmanship to press the tea leaves against the sides of the pan repeatedly to obtain the characteristic flat leaf structure. The tea has a fresh aroma, a beautiful clear green-yellow colour in the cup. The taste is rounded with a hint of chestnut and its aftertaste, refreshing and clean. It can be enjoyed during the day and evening. Its mild, rounded – almost sweet taste makes it a good introduction to those who are new to drinking green tea.

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