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Organic Korean Sejak

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This South Korean green tea is from the land around the volcano Jeju Do. Thanks to the island’s nutrient-rich volcanic soil, the growing conditions for tea are ideal. This tea differs from many other green teas by being both steamed and pan roasted. Steaming green tea is a Japanese technique, preventing the tea from oxidising and therefore making the tea remain a deeper green. In China it is most common to shake the tea in a wok to stop the oxidation process. As Sejak tea is both steam and roasted, the taste draws on one’s thoughts in both Japanese and Chinese tea.



Korea Sejak is best brewed in small teapot or gaiwan.

  • Use 1 tbsp. tea for approx. 350 ml water.
  • Add water at 75-80ºC to the dry tea leaves
  • Brewing time 2-3 min
  • The leaves can be used 2-3 times.
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