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Jasmine pearls

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Jasmine pearls

89,00 DKK890,00 DKK

Jasmine Pearl tea consist of high-quality green tea with the addition of jasmine aroma which is accomplished by jasmine flowers being layered in between the tea leaves. Hereby the leaves absorb the aroma from the flower. This process takes place overnight and it is repeated with fresh flowers 5-7 times.

Jasmine tea is the oldest aromatic tea in China. It was invented during the Ming Dynasty (years 1368-1644) and is very popular today.

Natural jasmine aroma, sweet and fresh.

Ingredients: green tea, jasmine flower.




Jasmine Pearl tea is brewed in a small preheated teapot

The water must not boil for a long time, as it boils the oxygen out of the water.

  • Serve 1 tsp. tea per cup.
  • Add water at 80ºC to the dry tea leaves
  • Drawing time: 3 – 4 minutes.
  • The leaves can be used 2-3

Keep dry and cool.

A little more about Jasmine pearls
First a song

A text from the popular Chinese folk song with the surprising title ‘Jasmine Flower’, which dates back to the Qianlong Emperor (1735-1796) during the Qing Dynasty, when jasmine tea became widespread throughout China. However, its availability or popularity took its time to grow as it is believed that the jasmine plant was introduced to China from South Asia via India during the Han Dynasty (206 – 220), especially the city of Fuzhou, which is famous. for its cultivation of jasmine and tea.

The method “where are jasmine flowers”

There are two main methods of scented tea with jasmine. One method tea and flowers are placed in alternating layers that after the flowers are removed. The second, the tea is mixed with the flowers and allowed to absorb for about four hours before being taken away so that only their scent is left. This process can be repeated up to seven times! Once the jasmine scent is absorbed, the tea becomes moist and needs to be dried again.

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