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Chun Mee with lime and ginger
Chun Mee with lime and ginger

69,00 kr. 49,00 kr.

69,00 kr. 49,00 kr.

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Chun Mee with lime and ginger

69,00 kr. 49,00 kr.

Chun Mee with ginger & lime, is the beautiful green tea called “Precious eyebrows” because of its appearance. It requires great professional skill to produce this type which is twisted and rolled. Chun Mee forms, in this Sing tea, a harmonious unity with ginger and South American lime oil. The tea has a mild and refreshing taste and is suitable as an afternoon tea. Perfect combination of ginger and lime.

Ingredients: Green tea, ginger, natural lime aroma.


Chun Mee with lime and ginger is brewed in preheated teapot, where the leaves can float freely or in a spacious sieve, which allows the leaves to release their fine aroma.

  • Serve 1 tsp of tea per 400ml.
  • Add water at 80ºC to the dry tea leaves
  • Brewing time: 3 – 4 minutes.
  • The leaves can be brewed twice.

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