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Nepal - Garden “Mist Valley”
Nepal Garden “Mist Valley”

79,00 kr.790,00 kr.

79,00 kr.790,00 kr.

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Nepal Garden “Mist Valley”

79,00 kr.790,00 kr.

Nepalese tea is very much like Darjeeling tea and in the last few years there has been increased awareness of it. The plantations are located in a very humid area at the foot of the Himalayas and creating an almost greenhouse-like state. The tea gives a soft, discreetly scented brew. The export of tea from Nepal is limited as the local demand for tea is large.

Soft and full-bodied aroma.


Nepal garden Preparation

Nepal Garden can be brewed in several ways. If using a teapot (400ml) preheat it before adding tea and infusing.

  • Use 1 tsp. tea per
  • Pour water at 95ºc over dry leaves
  • Brew for: 3 – 4 minutes.

The tea leaves give the best result by floating freely in a large sieve or teapot

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