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Assam Leaf Blend

69,00 DKK625,00 DKK

69,00 DKK625,00 DKK

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Assam Leaf Blend

69,00 DKK625,00 DKK

Assam Leaf Blend consists of a blend of whole leaves and crushed leaves, which gives a strong flavour. It can suggest the taste of malt which is both sweet and soft at the same time, properties that most tea-makers appreciate. Assam Leaf Blend can be enjoyed with milk.

Assam is located in the northeast corner of India, where the mighty river Brahmaputra runs. Assam is known for producing the famous “tippy teas” which refer to a black tea with golden shoots and leaves. The Assam Valley is located approx. 200 km east of Darjeeling, where it borders China, Burma and Bangladesh. Unlike the mountain areas, the soil in the valley is bold and moist. Tea plants in Assam grow quickly and gain tremendous power. During the monsoon – from April to September – Assam is transformed into the world’s largest greenhouse, producing almost a third of India’s total tea production.

Very aromatic, rich taste with mild sweetness.



Assam Leaf Blend Preparation

Assam leaf blend can be brewed in several ways. If using a teapot (400ml) preheat it before adding tea and infusing.

  • Use 1 tsp. tea per pot
  • Pour water at 95ºc over dry leaves
  • Brew for: 3-5 minutes.

The tea leaves give the best result by floating freely in a large sieve or teapot

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