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Sing Winther tea

69,00 kr.690,00 kr.

69,00 kr.690,00 kr.

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Sing Winther tea

69,00 kr.690,00 kr.

Nice spicy tea, based on a black tea, added dried orange peels, cloves, ginger, pepper, apple pieces, raisins and cardamom.
A good and rich afternoon tea that warms.
The aroma and taste of the spices are relaxing and satisfy the sweet tooth.
A spicy tea that can be enjoyed with milk.


Take the water off the heat when it boils so that the oxygen is not boiled out of the water.
1 tsp. (2 grams) per cup.
The tea leaves are poured with warm water, approx. 95° and pulls for approx.
4 – 5 minutes.
The best brew is achieved if the leaves float freely, as the fine aroma is thereby released. Use a large strainer or pour the tea into a preheated pot after the steeping time is over.
Since the tea leaves give the best results by floating freely, you can possibly use a spacious strainer in the preheated teapot, or pour the tea over a preheated teapot.
Tips If you only brew one cup / glass at a time, you can use a kopsi or “fill-yourself” tea leaves, where the leaves can flow freely and thereby give off the fine aroma.
When using copy or “Fill-yourself” tea leaves can also be brewed on the leaves again.
Store in a dry and cool area.

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