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Coldbrew starter kit


Coldbrew is an extremely interesting way to drink your tea. The very basic difference between ice tea and coldbrew is that ice tea is brewed hot and subsequently cooled and typically added sugar. Coldbrew, on the other hand, is brewed cold, and therefore takes a little longer. Coldbrew can be compared to a simmered dish. Because the brewing is longer and more gentle, the fine nuances are emphasized to a greater extent than in ice tea, at the same time as the bitter substances are pulled out of the leaves to a lesser extent.
In our Coldbrew starter kit, we give you 4 great offers on teas that taste fantastic cold brewed. In addition, you get an extremely functional Coldbrew bottle from Japanese HARIO (value DKK 195) – free of charge.
The process is very straightforward: Put your favorite tea in the bottle, put it on with the lid on and let it all stay overnight in the fridge.
In addition to a free Coldbrew bottle, the package includes:
  • Sencha Midori, 100 g

Sencha is the most widely drunk tea in Japan. A good quality sencha has a nice deep green color and an almost ‘juicy’ green tea taste. Japanese sencha is an everyday luxury as it leaves a nice relaxing effect and a perfect taste.

  • Organic Mao Feng, 65 g

China Mao Feng belongs to the group of the 10 most famous and valued teas in China. The entire production process takes place by hand. The leaves are long and needle-like with a silvery tip. Roasted and fruity taste, reminiscent of nuts and apricots.

  • Darjeeling 2nd Flush, Mim Garden, 100 g

Darjeeling is the Indian tea area with stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain range. This Darjeeling 2nd flush tea has a wonderful and complex taste in combination with the classic muscatel character.

  • Organic China Leaf Oolong, 80 g

China Leaf Oolong is a dark oolong tea in “yancha style”. Yancha means rock tea in Chinese, ie tea bushes that grow on rocks. These teas have a slightly sweetish round full-bodied taste with notes of dried fruit, tobacco and mineral aftertaste.

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