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Egyptisk mynte
Organic Egyptian mint

59,00 kr.590,00 kr.

59,00 kr.590,00 kr.

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Organic Egyptian mint

59,00 kr.590,00 kr.

Classic pure mint from the mint cultivar spearmint.
Mint can be enjoyed at any time of the day and can be enjoyed both hot and cold.
A delicate herbal tea with a spicy and slightly sweet aftertaste.
Good as an iced tea or for a summer cocktail.
Ingredients: ( *= organic ) *mint
DK-BIO-100 Not EU agriculture


Organic Egyptian mint is brewed in a preheated jug.
The water must not boil for a long time, as you boil the oxygen out of the water.
Use 1 tsp. tea per cup. The leaves are poured with 95 degree hot water.
Drawing time: 3 – 4 minutes. Since the tea leaves give the best results by floating freely, you can possibly use a spacious strainer in the preheated teapot, or pour the tea over a preheated teapot.
Tips If you only brew one cup / glass at a time, you can use a kopsi or “fill-yourself” tea leaves, where the leaves can flow freely and thereby give off the fine aroma.
When using copy or “Fill-yourself” tea leaves can also be brewed on the leaves again.
Store in a dry and cool area.

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