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Japansk matcha, Yame notsuyu, 2021
Japanese matcha, Yame notsuyu, 2021

135,00 DKK260,00 DKK

135,00 DKK260,00 DKK

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Japanese matcha, Yame notsuyu, 2021

135,00 DKK260,00 DKK

Origin : Fukuoka, Yame, Japan ( single estate )
tasting notes: spinach, grass.
Harvested: May 2021.
Quality : No. 4 out of 5 qualities for “thin tea”
The Hoshino Seicha produces 5 quality levels of matcha tea for “thin” tea.
The 5 quality levels differ in taste and the intensity of the green colour.
The finest quality has the fewest bitter substances and the most intense green colour. The lower the quality, the more bitter substances, not to be confused with unpleasant bitter substances in a poor quality tea, and none of the teas from Hoshino are of low quality, therefore no unpleasant bitter substances.
The bitter substances in Hoshino matcha are finely tuned, and in some teas only help to give more flavor and fullness.
This matcha is suitable for what is called “thin” tea, which is still a full-bodied tea with creamy foam on top.
Yame notsuyu The taste is mild and the texture is creamy.
In the aftertaste you can experience grass and seaweed as well as a mild mineral taste.
This matcha has slightly mild bitter substances, which also helps to give body and taste.
Store in a dry and cool area.


Japanese matcha Yame notsuyu preparation
When preparing Japanese matcha yame notsuyu, the following equipment is used, of which the whisk is the most important.
– Tea bowl ( Chawan ).
– Whisk in bamboo (Chasen).
– Teaspoon in bamboo (Chasaku).
– Thesis or aim.
When you really enjoy enjoying matcha, you also discover the joy of the preparation itself and the fine craftsmanship used for this.
The bowl is preheated with a little warm water, after which it is wiped dry.
You take two measures with a small top with the spoon and strain the tea into the matcha bowl.
Add 1 – 1 dl. 80 degree warm water in the bowl, after which you whip vigorously for approx.
a minute. It is important to hold the bowl firmly so that it stays upright, then whip vigorously in a zig-zag or M-shape.
Finally, you can move the whisk slowly back and forth to close the small air holes in the foam. Server possibly a small sweet cake or some dried fruit with the tea.
In Japan, you will find an impressive range of “sweets” for matcha.
These are often made from sweetened bean paste or sweetened rice, in an artistic execution.

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