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White and green tea in a gift package

190,00 DKK

190,00 DKK

White and green tea in a gift package

190,00 DKK

A gift package with 2 types of tea packed in a caddy.

The white tea is a Xue Rong meaning “snow down” and is a white tea from Yunnan province in China. The tea is hand-picked and consists of young buds. The buds have the typical characteristics of white tea, with white downy hairs on the underside, hence the name Xue Rong or “snow down”. The aromatic leaves produce a fine, soft floral taste with a little fruit and a good aftertaste.

The green tea is an AnJi Bai cha. When you translate “Anji Bai Cha”, it means “white tea from Anji (a province in eastern China)” – but it is actually a green tea. The name is due to the fact that the leaves appear almost white before they are picked. They come from trees that were thought to exist only in the legends – but a few specimens of the trees were found in the 1980s. The leaves are very long, slender and needle-shaped, and in the cup they are light green, as if they came straight from the tree.

Anji Bai Cha has the essential taste of “high mountain” teas: Aroma of fresh grass, asparagus, beans, orchid and honey. Fresh and exquisite, long vegetable aftertaste with notes of flowers. Mild and well-balanced.

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