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unika matcha starter kit
Matcha kit with unique tea bowl

1.100,00 DKK

1.100,00 DKK

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Matcha kit with unique tea bowl

1.100,00 DKK

This matcha kit with unique chawan is curated by the specialists at Sing Tehus, and everything in the set is of the highest quality. Sing Tehus has for many years built up a significant network of tea producers and artisans, which makes it possible to curate this box with handmade chawan (matcha bowl) by Gregory Miller as well as handmade whisk and bamboo by one of the last artisans in South Korea, who do this needlework.

You can choose from 3 colors of bowl: brown, white or green.

Matcha tea comes from one of the most skilled matcha producers in Japan, the Hoshino Seicha, which is located on Kyushu Island in southern Japan, where the conditions are perfect for growing this green tea that is ground into matcha.

This matcha set also comes with a manual, and will make anyone happy who has the slightest interest in green tea, Japan or who just wants to expand his knowledge of tea.

Matcha kit with unique chawan comes in a beautiful box, designed by All The Way To Paris. The box is made of recycled cardboard and the decoration on the box is made in a sheltered workshop in Nørrebro, where the box is also assembled.


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Brown bowl, Green bowl, White bowl

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