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“A life of tea”. A book about tea and spiruality.

199,00 kr.

199,00 kr.

“A life of tea”. A book about tea and spiruality.

199,00 kr.

This book originates from a personal and in-depth encounter with the ancient tradition, which in the East is called chadao,
‘the way of tea’.
The book is a great step into the wide-ranging world of tea and the close connection this culture has with meditation.
You will be guided in some of the traditional tea brewing methods in a down-to-earth and poetic way.
In addition to getting a practical feel for tea brewing and the tools to navigate this complex process, the book also provides reflections on how tea can be used as an element to develop and refine a calm and sincere mindset.
Tea has its philosophical roots in Zen Buddhism and Taoism, and it will be this starting point that forms the basis of the connection between meditation and tea.
The personal touch is very important, as tea can accompany any individual and can be adapted to everyone’s daily life. The most important thing is the internal journey you embark on when you choose to open up to your sensory impressions and let yourself dive into the present and flexible world of tea. Here there is room for all that we are to be embraced, and here we can cultivate a mind that sees the world we live in undisturbed.

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